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Perceptions of Risk

How context affects our view of risk

An article on the BBC website caught my attention this morning; "Slips cause majority of coast water deaths, RNLI warns". Who would have thought it? Coastal walking being so risky? Reading down this article, I discovered that 128 people sadly died in the UK's coastal waters in 2018. Compare to the HSE's statistic of 144 killed at work in 2017/18 (excluding NI). In our H&S world, number like these are meaningless and can be alarmist. We need to put them into terms of the number of days spent walking or day spent working. Now I'm just guessing, but I suspect the number of working days in the GB is massively greater than the number of days spent walking around our beautiful coastline. Two lessons; life has risk (get over it), and work in GB is reassuringly safe. Possibly the safest in the world.