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Are your work clothes making you hotter?

Some of us love the heat, others don't; but some employees have a tougher time due to wearing a 'fixed' uniform. Our personal comfort is just that... personal, we can keep cooler by:

  • What we wear under our uniforms - natural fabrics are better - even your socks! 
  • Keeping our wrist area clear - here the blood is closest to the surface so we can cool it quicker by running our wrists under cool water.
  • Keeping hydrated - how many times have you been to the loo? Keep drinking. Water is best!
  • If your employer allows, have a fan, position it safely, the flow of air will help our natural perspiration and make us feel cooler.
  • Get a good nights sleep! This will make everyone feel better, and ensure we can deal with the stressors of the day.
  • Enoy the weather as much as you can, winter will soon be upon us!
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